Thursday, 18 October 2012

My autumn wardobe staples?

Hi everyone, as we are getting further into the autumn season, there a certain pieces in my wardrobe that i cannot live without and i thought id share them with you!
Firstly this season i have constantly reaching for my beanies, i'd forgotten how much i loved them, i have them in every colour and design as they go with any outfit to give it a cosy autumnal feel, they also save me from doing my hair yey! my favourite this month has been the one above from peacocks, i think it was £6?
peacocks- £6
Next i have been hauling this beauty around with me since the beggining of september, a cosy tweed satchel £35 from henry holland, if you read my blogs reguarly you'll know that i love anything henry holland, it really is an amazing and affordable line that is always bang on trend! and theyve defiantely done it again this season with their range of bags, this one is perfect, just the right size and looks great with a big warm coat!
Henry holland - £35
Now, im not normally a big fan of primark because i think the stuff can be quite cheap looking and everyone seems to be wearing the same thing however i am truly shocked at the quality of the super soft super skinny jeans! i am not a jean wearer as they make me feel restricted and im also quite short and find it hard to find a pair that fit, But these are honestly the best jeans ive ever owned in my life and they are £7! Even better they come in every colour you can imagine and are incredibly comfy, ive heard people compare them to the Topshop 'Leigh' jeans and i can understand why! im so impressed, primark are defiantely on there game with these jeans and i own about 8 pairs of them now!
Primark- £7
With my new found love for jeans, ive found that ive started bulk buying comfy tees such as the one above, i think there a simple and stylish way to create a cosy autumn outfit and i just love them! this one is from Topshop and was £18, i also love the colour!
Topshop- £18
Lastly this month i have been living in oversized jumpers, theyre just so comfy and look great with leggings and a blouse underneath, once again im impressed with primark in this area and i got this gorgeous fairisile print jumper for £12, its so soft and again great quality, well done primark!
Primark- £12
What are your Autumn staples of 2012?


  1. love the geek tee so much, i need it in my life! :) xx

    1. its totally worth the money, i never stop waering it, its super soft and comfy! xoxoxoxo


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