Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Save or Splurge? : Rose gold watches

River island - £25

Michael kors - £295
Im sure by now you have noticed the popular appearance of rose gold onto the jewellery scene, who hasnt? Rose gold gives a luxury finish to an outfit and is defiantely more wearable than gold, which can sometimes look tacky.
Michael kors took advantage of this and created the most stunning rose gold watches i have ever seen, but are they worth the £300?
Unfortunately i , myself do not own one of these watches as i can not justify that amount of money on jewellery, however its come to my attention that river island have launched a good dupe.
Obviously the river island one isnt as luxurious as the michael kors, but at a fraction of the price im not complaining.
What do you think? is michael kors worth the splurge, what do you think about the river island dupe?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Nail Favourites

Ive said it before and ill say it again... im a nail geek!
i just love anything and everything to do with nails, so this month i thought id share with you 3 nail products ive been loving.
Firstly is an essie nail polish called 'thigh high' its the perfect burgundy red for the upcoming autumn/winter months. it looks great with pale skin and gives a vintage feel to an outfit.
The formulae is also great, as it is with any essie polish, and you only need to apply one coat! i honeslty cant think of anything negative to say about this product! at £8 its defiantely a bargain
Another nail polish ive been loving is 'beetlejuice' by models own. im not normally a big fan of pastel nail polishes, especially now were moving into autumn, but i had to get this one! its a pretty iridecent blue/pink/purple colour and it looks gorgeous when accesorised with lots of bracelets! if i had to say one thing about this product it would be about the packaging, i think the brush is too short but im just being fussy now :) at £5 its a steal.
Lastly a nail product ive been loving is the 'bourjois 1 second nail polish remover' this product is ingenius. becuase im a very lazy person i can never be mythered to take my nail polish off and this is an answer to my prayers! it takes about 5 seconds not 1 but its still brilliant! it also smells of berries and vanilla... yum. this product is defiantely worth the hype and i seriously recommend it! at £5, why not?
All these products can purchased at boots, whats your favourite nail product this month?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Trend of the week- statement necklaces

My trend of this week is the statement necklace, as we are getting into the colder months, jewellery is making a stand, due to the heat we reject this key part to our outfits in summer and this brilliant trend has reminded us what a necklace can achieve!
Statement necklaces have been coming in all different shape, sizes and colours but my favourite has to be the gold cuff necklace, it gives an egyptian edge to a boring outfit and goes with almost anything, , theres no excuse for lazy people with this trend as the gold cuff necklace takes seconds to throw on as your walking out the door, personally i havent taken mine off over the last few weeks, as it makes me feel like a million dollars.
So where can you buy this little beauty? i bought mine from h&m, they range from £4-£8 which is amazing, you can also find them in topshop if your willing to pay a bit more, theyre are some really unique designs ranging from £10-£25.
Are you loving the statement necklace trend? what necklace can you not stop wearing this month?

Lush products i regret buying

As promised, this is my 'lush products i regret buying' post. Dont get me wrong i am a super massive fan of lush and ive definately bought more good products than bad over the years, but these are just a few the products that really dissapointed me.
Firstly the Dragons egg, i'd heard great things about this product so i decided to jump on the bandwagon and get it, at £4 it certainly isnt cheap but i was certain i was going to love it.
How wrong could i be? The dragons egg was supposed to be a fairytale themed bath bomb that let off colours and glitter and left your skin feeling soft and refreshed But yet it seemed too fizzle out to nothing leaving the water an ugly yellow colour and left behind blobs of goo, lovely. it also seemed to do absolutely nothing for my skin.

dragons egg bath ballistic
Another product that had been hyped up was the melting marshamallow bath melt, im a massive fan of lushs bath melts such as 'youve been mangoed' so i was really excited to try this, its scent was also gorgeous, like candyfloss and sweets, but when i put it in the water the scent dissapeared and it left well.. nothing? i dont have much to say about this product because it didnt even know i had it in my bath.
melting marshmallow bath melt
lastly i really dislike all lush makeup in general, everything is really unpigmented, really expensive and the packaging is just plain daft, the eyeliner brush is about 3cm long which makes it impossible to apply and wastes alot of  product at the bottom of the bottle that you cant reach, same problem with the lipglosses.
The eyshadows were also really unpigmented and stayed on your eyes for about 5 minutes, not good. In my opinion lush should defiantely stick to bath and body products.

Lush makeup
Have you tried any of these products and loved them or do you agree with me? have you bought any lush products you regret buying?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Best of Lush

Who doesnt love lush? quirky cute organic, it smells great and it all at a reasonable price. However some products are better than others, therefore i thought id share my lush favourites with you.
My all time favourite bubble bar has to be 'The Comforter', its scented with blackurants and makes your bath a beautiful bubbly pink colour, its priced around £4 but you get 4-5 uses so its totally worth every penny!
The comforter bubble bar
My favourite Soap has to be 'The Godmother', this is a seriously underrated product at lush and it deserves alot more credit, it smells fruity and is perfect for winter. Simply the best soap ive ever used and i cant live without it.
the Godmother soap
Recently Ive also tried the 'i love juicy' shampoo, as i heard it was good for oily hair (which i definately have) this shampoo is amazing! it controls oil without completey drying it out and it also smells gorgeous.
'i love juicy' oily hair shampoo

 However the one product ive constantly repurchased from lush is the bubblegum lip scrub, its a bargain at £5 and keeps your lips soft and mosturised all day, its also tastes of bubblegum, which cant be a bad thing.
bubblegum lip scrub
Keep a look out for my worst lush product post, coming soon.
Whats your favourite lush product, Do you love lush as much as me?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Trend of the week- Studs

Studs have been a big hit in 2012 and alot of brands have been putting there own stamp on it. Girls all over the country have been adding a bit of grunge to their wardrobe and i think studs are the perfect way to do achieve the girly grunge look.
Ive said it before but  fashion never fails to suprise me, if someone told me last year id be pairing a pretty pink dress with a biker jacket and studded litas i wouldnt of believed it.

I have to say ive been most impressed with New look this season, im not usually a big fan of this high street store, but ive found myself getting very excited by their studded autumn range and i defianately recommend you taking a look, the pieces are unique and the prices are unbelievably cheap without the clothing looking cheap. My favourite found studded piece was this studded shirt, its very classic and unique and i never would of guessed it was from new look.

Tokyo doll Studded shirt £25
Ive also fallen in love the jc studded lita's, ive always been a fan of jeffrey campbell and i especially love his leather litas, but these shoes are stunning, theyre also extremely comfy and suprisingly easy to walk in, its just a shame about the price tag *sigh*


Jeffrey campbell Lita £150
Topshop have also done themselves proud with the studded trend and have managed to produce this stunning studded bodycon, i love bdycon dresses and this one could be easily dressed up or down and would look greaat with almost anything, therefore i think the price tag can be justified.

Topshop Studded Bodycon £48
If you havent guessed im a big fan of this trend and the three items above will defiantely be on my wish list!
Are you a fan of this trend, How are you styling studs?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Easy cute and quirky nail designs

Aswell as being beauty and fashion obssessed, im also a lover of nail art, however i havent got the patience to spend hours on my nails just so it can chip off the next day. therefore i have found ways to create these cute and quirky designs that are easy, cheap and quick!
Tip one: use Barry M nail paint!, as you can see from the photos, im a big fan of Barry M, its cheap at only £2.99 a polish and very easy to apply.
Tip two: have a look on ebay! nail detailer pens are a must for these designs and theyre cheap (i paid £20 for 80) the brush is easy to use and creates perfect lines for a stripy pattern or french manicure. Also have a look for rhinestones, theyre a fun way to jazz up your nails and are also really inexpensive.
Tip three: DIY? have a look around your house! bobby pins create perfect polka dots, sponges can be used to tye dye and toothpicks are great for creating straight lines.

Tip four: Practise! nails are another way to express yourself! and practise makes perfect?
Are you a nail art addict? share your nail art tips!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sock wars! Boot sock vs Frilly socks

Im an obsessive sock trend follower, i just cant help myself! socks are the main focus of any outfit i wear and i wouldnt have it any other way!
 2011 was the year of the boot sock and everyone fell in love with them, black leggings, ugg boots and a pair of rolled down knee highs.......perfect!
Now in 2012, boots socks have been a bit abandoned since creepers have crept onto the scene (get it?)
Dont get me wrong, im a lover of platform shoes and i adore the rock and roll edge they give to a girly outfit. However im not sure about the frilly socks that people have been pairing them with?
Fashion is suprising me all the time and i never thought lacy socks would be seen as an autumn must have! but you never know? i might be sporting a pair by christmas?
But for now im sticking to my boot socks!
What do you think? are frilly socks overrated or the next big thing? and who else is still trending boot socks?

the perfect scent for autumn/winter 2012, what do you think?

Im definatley more of a autumn/winter girl when it comes to fashion, makeup and nail trends. i believe the colder months are the time to experiment with your look and find ways of looking great while still staying nice and warm.
 I have never been into floral scents because they remind me of an english summer (which are quite frankly depressing) therefore the idea of a yankee candle has never appealed to me until i saw this little beauty.
If i was ever magically transformed into a candle, i would want it to be this one! The scented aroma of bundled cinnamon cloves fills any room with a wondeful wintery feel.
with christmas fast approaching (107 days) this candle is a must have! for 150 hours of festive fun!
Do you love this candle as much as me? if not, what is your holy grail scent?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

autumn staples- green fur parka

Carrying on from my last blog post, i thought i would introduce this gorgeous winter must have.
last autumn/winter was all about the green parka and this trend has carried on into 2012 but with a twist.
River island have done themsleves proud with this particular parka, at £95, i have to admit its pricey but totally worth every penny. The built in grey jacket makes the coat edgy and unique but it still stays extremely versatile and can be the perfect touch to any outfit. Not only this but the fur collar and lining will keep you extra cosy and warm!
This will definatley be a staple in my autumn wardrobe this year and im planning on teaming it with a pair of classic black leggings and some fur wedge heel boots.
How would you style this stunning staple?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Henry holland autumn collection

This isnt me, this picture is off debenams website, just incase you were wondering,im definately not a model.
Hi everyone, the autumn season is upon us and what better to way to vamp up your wardrobe than this adorable jumper. if you are familiar to the line 'H! by henry holland' you will know that these autumn staples are a must.
This collection can be found in debenams so go grab the autumn range now before its too late or you'll regret it as the weather gets chillier.
Not only is the collection gorgeous it also comes at a good price as this jumper is £36! not bad for a cute and timeless piece that you will wear again and again.
Personally i would team this with a pair of flattering topshop jeggings, a beanie and some military boots to give this Geeky chic jumper a twist!
how would you style this one of kind jumper?