Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My perfect autumn lip combonation

Hey everyone, as we are travelling further and further into the autumn season, new makeup trends are making a big impact in the world of beauty and after trying a few products ive found an affordable autumn lip that looks beautiful and lasts all day.
When applying this lip combonation i keep my eye makeup pretty simple, (thin winged eyeliner and mascara) this is to stop the face from looking too overpowering therefore you can apply this as an everyday look!
Rimmel black tulip lip liner
Firstly i outline and contour my lips with the rimmel lasting finish lip liner in the colour 'black tulip' this makes my lips look fuller and more perfect, your lipstick also tends to stay on alot longer and at £2.99 this product is a bargain!

Next i apply Rimmels kate moss matt lipstick in the shade '107' which has just been released in the new autumn range. I adore this lipstick, its perfect for autumn and is alot easier to pull off than a true red, it also tastes amazing (not that i eat lipstick) and at £5.49 you cant go wrong.
kate moss matt lipstick shade: 107
Lastly to lock in my lipstick and ensure that it lasts all day i apply a thin layer of lipcote, this clear gloss acts like a barrier so that your lipstick stays even after a meal! even better it doesnt unmattify lipsticks and you cant even tell your wearing it! the only downside to this product is that it stings a tiny bit when first applied, but for £3 i think i can forgive.

Lipcote: lip coat

All these products are stocked in boots/superdrug and most supermarkets aswell!
What is your favourite lip combonation for the autumn season?

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