Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Best of Lush

Who doesnt love lush? quirky cute organic, it smells great and it all at a reasonable price. However some products are better than others, therefore i thought id share my lush favourites with you.
My all time favourite bubble bar has to be 'The Comforter', its scented with blackurants and makes your bath a beautiful bubbly pink colour, its priced around £4 but you get 4-5 uses so its totally worth every penny!
The comforter bubble bar
My favourite Soap has to be 'The Godmother', this is a seriously underrated product at lush and it deserves alot more credit, it smells fruity and is perfect for winter. Simply the best soap ive ever used and i cant live without it.
the Godmother soap
Recently Ive also tried the 'i love juicy' shampoo, as i heard it was good for oily hair (which i definately have) this shampoo is amazing! it controls oil without completey drying it out and it also smells gorgeous.
'i love juicy' oily hair shampoo

 However the one product ive constantly repurchased from lush is the bubblegum lip scrub, its a bargain at £5 and keeps your lips soft and mosturised all day, its also tastes of bubblegum, which cant be a bad thing.
bubblegum lip scrub
Keep a look out for my worst lush product post, coming soon.
Whats your favourite lush product, Do you love lush as much as me?

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  1. i love the lip scrub aswell! i also love the butterball bath bomb its really cheap and makes my skin so soft!xx


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