Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Nail Favourites

Ive said it before and ill say it again... im a nail geek!
i just love anything and everything to do with nails, so this month i thought id share with you 3 nail products ive been loving.
Firstly is an essie nail polish called 'thigh high' its the perfect burgundy red for the upcoming autumn/winter months. it looks great with pale skin and gives a vintage feel to an outfit.
The formulae is also great, as it is with any essie polish, and you only need to apply one coat! i honeslty cant think of anything negative to say about this product! at £8 its defiantely a bargain
Another nail polish ive been loving is 'beetlejuice' by models own. im not normally a big fan of pastel nail polishes, especially now were moving into autumn, but i had to get this one! its a pretty iridecent blue/pink/purple colour and it looks gorgeous when accesorised with lots of bracelets! if i had to say one thing about this product it would be about the packaging, i think the brush is too short but im just being fussy now :) at £5 its a steal.
Lastly a nail product ive been loving is the 'bourjois 1 second nail polish remover' this product is ingenius. becuase im a very lazy person i can never be mythered to take my nail polish off and this is an answer to my prayers! it takes about 5 seconds not 1 but its still brilliant! it also smells of berries and vanilla... yum. this product is defiantely worth the hype and i seriously recommend it! at £5, why not?
All these products can purchased at boots, whats your favourite nail product this month?

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