Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sock wars! Boot sock vs Frilly socks

Im an obsessive sock trend follower, i just cant help myself! socks are the main focus of any outfit i wear and i wouldnt have it any other way!
 2011 was the year of the boot sock and everyone fell in love with them, black leggings, ugg boots and a pair of rolled down knee highs.......perfect!
Now in 2012, boots socks have been a bit abandoned since creepers have crept onto the scene (get it?)
Dont get me wrong, im a lover of platform shoes and i adore the rock and roll edge they give to a girly outfit. However im not sure about the frilly socks that people have been pairing them with?
Fashion is suprising me all the time and i never thought lacy socks would be seen as an autumn must have! but you never know? i might be sporting a pair by christmas?
But for now im sticking to my boot socks!
What do you think? are frilly socks overrated or the next big thing? and who else is still trending boot socks?


  1. i really love this type of post, please do more trend compares! im also a boot sock person:)

  2. thankyou so much and of course! xoxox

  3. Great post! I love the creepers and frilly socks look it gives a childish feel to my grungy jeans and shorts:p

  4. I would opt for the frilly socks, they do so much more for your legs than the boot ones that can sometimes make you look a lot shorter. Socks in general are so great!


    1. i never realised that! i am quite short myself so i might have to buy myself a pair, thankyou for that! xoxox


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