Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Henry holland autumn collection

This isnt me, this picture is off debenams website, just incase you were wondering,im definately not a model.
Hi everyone, the autumn season is upon us and what better to way to vamp up your wardrobe than this adorable jumper. if you are familiar to the line 'H! by henry holland' you will know that these autumn staples are a must.
This collection can be found in debenams so go grab the autumn range now before its too late or you'll regret it as the weather gets chillier.
Not only is the collection gorgeous it also comes at a good price as this jumper is £36! not bad for a cute and timeless piece that you will wear again and again.
Personally i would team this with a pair of flattering topshop jeggings, a beanie and some military boots to give this Geeky chic jumper a twist!
how would you style this one of kind jumper?


  1. awww how cute this would look awesome with skater skirt!

  2. i would layer a blouse underneath it! i love the collar and jumper look! do a blogpost about it please? xx

  3. i love that idea and defiantley! thankyou for the idea, i will upload this week xoxox


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