Friday, 14 September 2012

Lush products i regret buying

As promised, this is my 'lush products i regret buying' post. Dont get me wrong i am a super massive fan of lush and ive definately bought more good products than bad over the years, but these are just a few the products that really dissapointed me.
Firstly the Dragons egg, i'd heard great things about this product so i decided to jump on the bandwagon and get it, at £4 it certainly isnt cheap but i was certain i was going to love it.
How wrong could i be? The dragons egg was supposed to be a fairytale themed bath bomb that let off colours and glitter and left your skin feeling soft and refreshed But yet it seemed too fizzle out to nothing leaving the water an ugly yellow colour and left behind blobs of goo, lovely. it also seemed to do absolutely nothing for my skin.

dragons egg bath ballistic
Another product that had been hyped up was the melting marshamallow bath melt, im a massive fan of lushs bath melts such as 'youve been mangoed' so i was really excited to try this, its scent was also gorgeous, like candyfloss and sweets, but when i put it in the water the scent dissapeared and it left well.. nothing? i dont have much to say about this product because it didnt even know i had it in my bath.
melting marshmallow bath melt
lastly i really dislike all lush makeup in general, everything is really unpigmented, really expensive and the packaging is just plain daft, the eyeliner brush is about 3cm long which makes it impossible to apply and wastes alot of  product at the bottom of the bottle that you cant reach, same problem with the lipglosses.
The eyshadows were also really unpigmented and stayed on your eyes for about 5 minutes, not good. In my opinion lush should defiantely stick to bath and body products.

Lush makeup
Have you tried any of these products and loved them or do you agree with me? have you bought any lush products you regret buying?

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  1. i cant believe you dont like the dragon egg i loved it! i agree with you about the makeup though its so bad:(


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