Friday, 14 September 2012

Trend of the week- statement necklaces

My trend of this week is the statement necklace, as we are getting into the colder months, jewellery is making a stand, due to the heat we reject this key part to our outfits in summer and this brilliant trend has reminded us what a necklace can achieve!
Statement necklaces have been coming in all different shape, sizes and colours but my favourite has to be the gold cuff necklace, it gives an egyptian edge to a boring outfit and goes with almost anything, , theres no excuse for lazy people with this trend as the gold cuff necklace takes seconds to throw on as your walking out the door, personally i havent taken mine off over the last few weeks, as it makes me feel like a million dollars.
So where can you buy this little beauty? i bought mine from h&m, they range from £4-£8 which is amazing, you can also find them in topshop if your willing to pay a bit more, theyre are some really unique designs ranging from £10-£25.
Are you loving the statement necklace trend? what necklace can you not stop wearing this month?


  1. i have a pink floral statent necklace from selfridges that i really love and after reading this blogpost i went and got a gold cuff one from h&m so thankyou!

  2. i love your trend of the week posts, so inspiring thankyou!


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