Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Save or Splurge? : Rose gold watches

River island - £25

Michael kors - £295
Im sure by now you have noticed the popular appearance of rose gold onto the jewellery scene, who hasnt? Rose gold gives a luxury finish to an outfit and is defiantely more wearable than gold, which can sometimes look tacky.
Michael kors took advantage of this and created the most stunning rose gold watches i have ever seen, but are they worth the £300?
Unfortunately i , myself do not own one of these watches as i can not justify that amount of money on jewellery, however its come to my attention that river island have launched a good dupe.
Obviously the river island one isnt as luxurious as the michael kors, but at a fraction of the price im not complaining.
What do you think? is michael kors worth the splurge, what do you think about the river island dupe?


  1. Love these rose gold watches!
    How do you remove background from photos Hun? New to this blogging thing :) x

  2. i havent removed the back to the photos its becuase my background is white and so is the back of the pictures, i think you can do it on paint though? im new too the blogging thing too!:) xxxxxx


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