Saturday, 8 September 2012

the perfect scent for autumn/winter 2012, what do you think?

Im definatley more of a autumn/winter girl when it comes to fashion, makeup and nail trends. i believe the colder months are the time to experiment with your look and find ways of looking great while still staying nice and warm.
 I have never been into floral scents because they remind me of an english summer (which are quite frankly depressing) therefore the idea of a yankee candle has never appealed to me until i saw this little beauty.
If i was ever magically transformed into a candle, i would want it to be this one! The scented aroma of bundled cinnamon cloves fills any room with a wondeful wintery feel.
with christmas fast approaching (107 days) this candle is a must have! for 150 hours of festive fun!
Do you love this candle as much as me? if not, what is your holy grail scent?

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  1. i love the vanilla cupcake yankee candle the most! i constantly have on lit in my bedroom!


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